March 16, 2018

This was the first Marathon he would be running abroad. The place he chose was Chicago, from where he would take a plane to Toronto. This was not the first time he was visiting both places, so there was no need to drop by touristic views. Nevertheless, he intended to g...

December 4, 2017

OBLIQUE: You graduated from Oxford University. What was your degree in and how did your interest in translation come about?

SOPHIE LEWIS: My Bachelor degree was in English Literature and Modern Languages (French). Effectively it was a literature degree divided betw...

The first chapter of "Rio Paris Rio" by Luciana Hidalgo, translated by Rachel Morgenstern-Clarren

Maria’s room has all the symmetry and perfection that she expects from the world. Small, square, it is cut by straight lines, with equal angles and sides. She measures...

September 22, 2017

One of the most iconic and complex reads in Brazilian literature, "Grandes Sertões Veredas" by Guimarães Rosa is an undisputable classic. Perhaps for the Brazilian reader its glory lies in its rich and intricate vocabulary, something that would challenge even the most...

September 15, 2017

Music! Said Casandra, turning on the Bang & Olufsen in the corner of the room, adorned by a little stage. Gasping and grunting, Negroni climbed up until he reached her lap, as she stroked and pampered him around the ears, in the eyes, in the mouth.

I noted with regret t...

September 14, 2017

It was Scandinavia, so there was silence

in the airport, silence in the taxi queue, silence in the hotel,

silence in the automatic doors of the orange train crossing the bridge.

In the bicycles, too, everywhere, and in the jazz at the side of the canal.

I drank good beer,...

September 13, 2017

OBLIQUE: D.G. Meyers wrote an article to the "Commentary" magazine a few years back stating that literary journalism is fancy journalism, highbrow journalism. He identifies it as journalism plus fine writing. "It is journalism with literary pretensions", he writes. Wit...

- A woman of genius leading an ordinary life.

13-year-old Marcel Proust’s questionnaire answer in Antoinette Felix-Faure’s album

Far away on the very hot sand...

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March 18, 2018

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